2 Player Competitive Sudoku

The Sudoku you love, with players around the world. 

Two players, one puzzle

A new way to play Sudoku. Be the first to get rid of your numbers as you and your opponent take turns solving the same puzzle. If you're perceptive, you'll challenge your opponent's mistakes and bluffs. If you're crafty maybe you can bluff your own way to victory!


Multiplayer Sudoku is here

A uniquely competitive, real-time, head to head Sudoku experience.

Climb the ranks

Play online, send social emotes and rank up!

5 - Climb The Ranks.png

3 - Challenge Your Opponent's Bluff.png

Challenge your opponent's bluff

You can bluff your way to victory, but then, so can your opponent.  Be vigilant!

A ton of animated emotes and avatars to unlock

Collect them all!  Why?! Because they're cute and fun ...and you're a proud virtual pack-rat!

4 - Unlock animated emotes and avatars.png

2 - A variety of game modes and difficulties.png

A variety of game modes and difficulties

Play online ranked mode, friend matches, or the offline Daily Scramble mode.

Level-Up your freaking brain

Sudoku is the most researched game out there and (spoiler) it’s great for your brain!

6 - Level Up Your Freaking BRAIN.png


For detailed Rules ‘n Tips, go HERE

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