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Sudoku Scramble is a two player version of Sudoku that’s played using regular Sudoku rules with a few minor twists. The goal is to get rid of your numbers before your opponent. By default, both players start with 7 randomly selected numbers.

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Woody’s Pencil Tip
At the beginning of the game, make sure you check which numbers you have. It’s frustrating to waste time working out where a specific number goes only to find that you don’t have that number to play!

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Rounds and Turns


Each player gets one turn per round, and you can play as many numbers as you like during your turn. If your turn ends and you haven’t played a number, you will be given another (random) number. Player 1 always goes first.

  • In Ranked Online mode, whether you are Player 1 or Player 2 is random.

  • In Daily Scramble mode, you are always Player 1 and Woody is always Player 2.

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There are different benefits to being Player 1 and Player 2 - neither has an advantage over the other.



During your turn, you can challenge your opponent if you think they’ve played a number incorrectly.

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Be careful, players may try to bluff you into challenging them.

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Challenge your opponent before you play any numbers yourself. This may also help you figure out the board.

Winning a challenge - If you challenge your opponent and win, all the numbers they played in the last turn are removed from the board (even correctly placed ones) and given back to them. Your opponent is also given one of your numbers at random (including any numbers you have already played during the current turn - see Tip above).

Failing a challenge - If you challenge your opponent and fail, one of your opponent’s numbers is given to you at random.

Missing a challenge - If an incorrectly placed number is not challenged, it is removed at the end of the opponent’s turn. Both players are notified that there was a “Missed Challenge”, and the player who placed the number gets points for a successful bluff.

Winning and Tying


Winning - The game is won by the first player to place all their numbers correctly during a round. See below for Tie Breaker rules.

Forced challenges - If Player 2 places all their remaining numbers, Player 1 will be forced to challenge them at the beginning of the new round. If Player 1 wins the challenge, the game will continue. If they fail the challenge, Player 2 has won the game.

Sudoku Scramble Instructions - Tie Breaker.png

Tying and the Tie Breaker - The game ends in a tie when both players correctly place all their numbers during the same round. When a game ends in a tie, a tiebreaker is initiated. All remaining time from each player’s turns is tallied, and the player with the most time remaining becomes the winner. The game ends in a true tie if both players used the exact same amount of time to play all their numbers (ie, if both players let the clock run down to zero each turn).

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Don’t let the clock run out during your turns! If you’ve placed all the numbers you want/can, use the End Turn button. Your opponent will get less time to plan their turn and it may help you win a tiebreaker, should it come to that.


Advanced Strategies

There are many different strategies that players use to help themselves win. It’s not always as simple as just finding your numbers to play.

Bluffing and guessing - In cases where a number could go in one of two spaces and it’s not yet obvious which space is correct, you can take a guess (and attempt to bluff your opponent!).

If you decide to try bluffing, one of three things can happen:

  1. Your opponent challenges you, and wins. If this happens, then you now know where that number in question goes. Since it was returned to you after the challenge was won, you can place it on your next turn (assuming your opponent doesn’t beat you to it)!

  2. Your opponent challenges you, and fails. Lucky you! You also get some extra points for bluffing them successfully.

  3. Your opponent does not challenge you. At the end of their turn, the game will tell you both if an opportunity to challenge was missed. If your number was in fact placed correctly, it will stay on the board. If it was placed incorrectly, it will be removed from the board (and the game - you don’t get it back), and you will now know a little bit more about the board to help you on your next turn.

Player 1 advantage - Player 1 gets to go first, which means that Player 1 may take some obvious spots away from Player 2. Player 1 can also win the game on a bluff, because Player 2 isn’t forced to challenge (because the round is still going) when Player 1 has played their last numbers. Player 2 has to decide whether to take the risk of failing a challenge, in which case they take another number, making it harder to tie.

Player 2 advantage - Player 2 gets some extra time to review the board before starting their first turn. Player 1 does not get a chance to tie when Player 2 plays all their numbers, but Player 2 must not play any incorrect numbers on their last turn (because the round ends after their turn), so bluffing is a greater risk.

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Have Fun!




New Feature - Monthly Goals


Monthly goals add a new way to enjoy Sudoku Scramble. It’s also the only way to earn new emotes.

Each month there will be a series of goals to complete that will earn you pencil “Nubs” to progress toward earning the limited time rewards. In order to activate goals for that month, you can either spend coins, or if you’d like to save your coins for avatars, you can activate the goals for a small IAP (In App Purchase).

Don’t want to activate the goals, but still want to earn some rewards? No problem! Every player will collect up to 8 daily Nubs that will go towards earning the rewards, but without activating the goals you won’t have enough time to get all the rewards.


Everyone will get the default 5 Nubs per day. If you log in 2 days in a row you will start getting 6 per day, 5 days will get you 7 per day, and 9 days will get you 8 per day. Be careful though, missing a day will end your streak and you will be back at the default 5 per day.

Hope you enjoy our new emotes and goals. Thanks for playing!